Monday, February 7, 2011

two of the best "pieces" l've ever seen

varieties of graf

for purposes of this blog & to eliminate confusion about what kind of street art l'm writing here about, l'll call the varieties of graphics produced on exterior walls "graf". in the posts below l've presented three general categories, or really four; "writing and stencils" contains a photo of writing & stencil combined, whereby the writing is little more than just words or scribbles written in unadorned line form; the "tags" are adorned writing, often the names of graf writers' groups, so adorned way, though beautiful, they are often difficult to read, and it is what most think of when they hear the word "graffiti" since it was the type of graf that first  gained attention, on subway cars in NYC in the 1970s & 80s; "stencils", are just that, created in a studio and then spray painted onto a wall so a black image results; this is the main type of graf depicted in the documentary film - "Exit Through The Gift Shop" - and used mostly by the two currently most renowned graf artists in the world - Fairey & Banksy. "pieces" are more depictions of things, e.g., cars, and people, and have a great deal of variety, e.g., the top "piece" shown is an illusory shadow, the second is a realistic face painted on a metal storefront shutter, the third is done to be so realistic that you have the illusion the people are real, and the fourth is a very realistic interpretation of famous people. directly to the right, are three more examples of graf l'm not sure how to classify, but certainly deserving of being in the family of graf



writing & stencils