Sunday, September 2, 2018

Soho Bob Selling His Photos In Soho 1991

It's been a long while since l posted on this blog and the photo above as well as a few other things have kept me away that l will tell you about here and now. First of all, after my last post, l realized there wasn't much to add about street art/graffiti now that it has become mainstream. l started the original "Graffiti Observer" almost 20 years ago, as a way of promoting respect for the value of street art. And, as l indicated in my last post, my goal has essentially been realized.  Communities throughout the United States are scurrying about looking for the best street artists to use for Community Development projects and certainly, in Miami were l live and began my crusade, STREET ART IS KING.

As for the picture above, yes that is me over 25 years ago selling photo blowups of Soho, NYC photography which l did summers for three years from 1991 thru 1993.  l did a bang up business those summers in Soho and even wound up having two books published of this work, but the following year l opened a gallery in my retirement home area and so my Soho street gallery was no more and l began concentrating on Street Art and working my gallery, a big indoor gallery, in South Beach, Florida. As it turns out, last year l learned my beautiful Soho photography has historical value and a large collection of this work has been accepted into the permanent collection of The New York Historical Society Museum & Library. Also last year, my early South Beach photography was accepted into the permanent collection of the History Miami Museum. .So you see, in addition to having little more to say about street art/graffiti, other things have been occupying my mind and time.  Thank you for your interest in Street Art and bearing with me, and that, starting with the first post of this blog, l contributed to your knowledge of this fascinating art form.

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